The value of one-touch payment

| By Elena Carruthers
AstroPay chief executive Mikael Lijtenstein discusses how its digital payment solutions are revolutionising the igaming landscape, and beyond.

In an increasingly digital world, there is a greater demand for maximum efficiency. The payments industry is no stranger to this, and has seen a significant shift in recent times towards digital solutions, making igaming purchases easier and more accessible worldwide.  

Uniting gamers across the globe, AstroPay offers payment solutions that are tailored to each region. Operating mainly across the Latin American market, the company has now expanded its global reach across Asia and Africa.

With more than two million users, 500 merchants and 200 payment methods, AstroPay has extensive experience in handling the specificities of emerging markets. 

The globally accepted payment method continues to boom in popularity as operators and consumers alike turn to faster, more simple solutions.

Starting out with the AstroPay Card, a virtual voucher which allows customers to access funds in any currency, its simple integration and ease of use proved an international success.

By understanding the complexity that the payments ecosystem presents, Astropay has now developed the One Touch e-wallet, a payment solution based on two pillars: immediacy and security.

With hindrances to user experience such as restrictions due to anti-money laundering processes, many operators have struggled to create a seamless payment experience for customers.

Increasingly, operators turn to payment providers who comprehend the differing regulatory requirements surrounding AML, accessibility to certain technology, or legal nuances. With many factors to take into account, an understanding of these distinctive markets is essential.

Typically, managing regulatory requirements means complex collaborations and integrations. Fortunately as technology advances, simpler integrations are within reach.

The question remaining for operators is finding a provider which is not only compliant but gives an optimised experience for end-users.

A new reality

Mikael Lijtenstein delved into some of the ways that digital payments have advanced over the past year. 

As Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, adjusting to a new reality has been a top focus for operators across the globe.

Cash payments are rapidly becoming a thing of the past as operators and consumers alike look for faster and more straightforward payment methods.

Operating across emerging markets worldwide, the digital payment solutions offered by AstroPay are used by over 500 operators. 

While investing in the right solutions plays a powerful role in adapting to a highly digitised future, Mikael emphasised the importance of being dynamic. 

“Something that is important is for companies to adapt internally. From one day to another, we need to move very fast – faster than we have before”.

In developing a clearer company vision, Mikael explains, operators can more clearly align this with maximising product value. 

In-house teams must adapt to new technology and know their own limitations. Now more than ever, advanced technology and simpler processes are at the forefront of user’s needs.

Throughout 2020, AstroPay took strides to create accessible, simple solutions to meet the growing demand for instant payments.

 This intuitive approach helped to develop their current digital payment methods including the One Touch e-wallet. 

The e-wallet allows customers to make purchases directly from the merchant site in local currency. AstroPay solutions use a single integration allowing merchants and customers to send and receive payments safely.

In looking to consumers and enhancing products in line with their needs, efficient processes are accessible to both operators and end-users.

“E-wallets are characterised as being fast, easy, and secure. Nowadays, more people are turning to the e-wallet as their first solution.”

The popularity of e-wallets has been accelerated by the pandemic, Mikael says, making them an intrinsic part of the gaming experience for many consumers. 

Adapting to different markets

When it comes to emerging markets, it’s not a case of one-size-fits-all. The key to unlocking an optimal user experience is in offering different solutions across different territories. 

The One Touch e-wallet’s multi-currency capacity makes it a viable payment method for gamers across different markets, despite varying regulations. 

“It’s very important to know the consumer, the user. And also, to be reliable to the operator. That’s something that we offer”.

In tailoring their solution towards a range of markets, AstroPay took a proactive approach – using specialised teams for each market.

“What we are doing is seeing to the future and something we are trying to do is provide the user with that sense of instantaneity.”

One Touch also has the added benefit of increased security using advanced KYC control, allowing gamers to have peace of mind when making online payments.

Digital payment solutions require a delicate balance of compliance, efficiency and clarity for the consumer. As the momentum for global demand continues to rise for instant payments, operators turn to AstroPay’s fast and effective solutions.

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