1xbit.com Casino Caught Offering Pirated Software

Unlicensed software distribution is a growing problem in the iGaming industry, and the consequences we as gamblers may be exposed to are not to be taken lightly. Due to a specific legal state of online gambling throughout the world, one which leaves this sector with insufficient regulatory control, it is very difficult to track down and expose casino games pirates and black market distributors. For this reason, Latest Casino Bonuses keeps a watchful eye on every online casino, software developer and aggregator that comes to our attention. As of late, black market seems to be flourishing more than ever, an unfortunate fact which has prompted us to be especially vigilant when it comes to providers and valid licenses. We consider the wellbeing of players central to our efforts, therefore the piracy investigations our team is committed to should serve as fair warnings and shield guards against rogue operators.
Every time we come across a suspicious casino, our slot specialists will examine the integrated software and check for irregularities before making a final verdict. Once enough evidence has been collected, we publish an in-depth report explaining our findings and if the casino happens to be in our directory of operators, it is immediately blacklisted and members notified. Making a clear case with irrefutable evidence is not an easy task to accomplish, but fortunately the LCB team has been investigating plenty of such cases for quite a while and gained a lot of experience in the process. The first rogue report of 2017 concerns 1xbit.com Casino that we caught offering a number of counterfeit video slots from popular software studios.
At first glance, the site looks decent enough and the integrate software seems legitimate. However, upon closer examination it becomes apparent that the casino has no licensing or registered office information displayed anywhere on the website. It is a common practice in the iGaming industry for trustworthy casinos to clearly show the jurisdiction and the regulatory body that oversees their operations and provides reputable licences. When this info is lacking, it is a clear sign that something is not quite right and that caution is advised. After much investigation, we regret to inform you that 1xbit.com is indeed offering fake games, but we can't say for sure whether they are aware that the software is faulty or not, nor can we say with certainty who supplies them as they would not disclose the name.
Bogus slots offered by this casino are the usual fake versions we've come across so many times in the past: Aristocrat, Novomatic and Net Entertainment popular hits that seem to be the favorite of rogue groups. For the purposes of our report, we examined the most common forgeries – Book of Ra, 50 Lions and Starburst. The Team was able to confirm our suspicions by inspecting source codes, domains and loading screens, the most common tell-tale signs that easily reveal the true nature of the product, and these have painted a grim picture of this casino.
Pirated Novomatic Book of Ra was a very good forgery nearly identical to the original. It would be almost impossible to tell them apart were it not for the source code that revealed the pirated version is hosted on some unfamiliar domain tbs22http.dark-a.com. There was one more implicating details – the unresponsive Help button which is a very common thing to come across when Novomatic forgeries are concerned.
Pirated Ne Entertainment Starburst was clear enough thanks to the URL which is a pirated domain made to resemble the official one: netent-static.casinomodulle.com. Note the double ''l'' in ''casinomodulle'' – this is how we now the producers of the fake game are intentionally trying to con us into thinking we are actually playing the genuine Starburst slot.
Pirated Novomatic Book of Ra is also a good forgery. The launcher and menu look like the ones available at GAN (Games Account Network) platform. But the source code gives it away, showing us a fake hosting domain, an unnamed pirated server: tbs22http.dark-a.com.
If you'd like to see the whole report and the screenshots of the fake games, please visit the LCB Casino Warnings page for this and many other in-depth rogue reports we have published so far. It is an excellent source of information on rogue groups that can help players eliminate threats and enjoy gaming without worrying about scams. 

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