2WinPower Caught Pirating Slot Games

With the advent of online gaming and an ever-increasing number of new gaming sites sprouting forth on the market almost on a daily basis, there is the unfortunate but inevitable proliferation of rogue groups that both players and genuine developers have to deal with. Piracy is a huge problem for the industry at the moment, and the root cause is manifold – online gaming is still in a gray area when its legal status is concerned which makes it extremely hard to regulate and keep track of the bad guys whose only aim is to use and abuse honest players; the more casinos we have on the market, the higher the percentage of shady sites that cannot be trusted. For this reason LCB has started investigating all operators a while ago, if not to prevent than at least to warn players about notorious pirates and their faux products. We now have a special section in the news dedicated to rogue reports and our findings. The latest of our discoveries concerns a certain white label and turnkey solutions company called 2WinPower, which supplies an entirely forged portfolio of Net Entertainment, Real Time Gaming, Playtech and Novomatic slot games. While most of these developers are the usual targets of pirates, this is the first time we have come across fake RTG games. 
We uncovered these bogus games browsing through the offering of BetMaxValue Casino and its sister site BetsTower, whose platforms are powered by Desoft Gaming and they in turn purchase the slots from 2WinPower. Both operators are registered and supervised by the jurisdiction of Costa Rica, which is in itself highly suspicious as Costa Rica does not have an officially recognized regulatory body when online gaming is concerned. Furthermore, Costa Rica based casinos generally have a very bad reputation and are known to offer fake games, repeatedly fail to payout winnings or respond to players. These two casinos are not on the LCB list of operators, but nevertheless we felt a warning is necessary in this case. 
The entire portfolio of 2WinPower is pirated, there is not one game that is authentic. What makes this company even more outrageous is the fact they are openly advertising themselves via public website anyone can visit. At first glance, the website seem professional with a neat design and a clear presentation of products and services. But the first thing that gave them away is the lack of licensing and registered office information, which led us to investigate further and discover the pirated software. Our slot specialists were able to verify fake domains and source codes, and via a simple comparison using genuine slots they could clearly see the differences between the real and fake loading screens, which is the easiest ways for players to check the authenticity of the games.
While our inquiries with BetMaxValue casino regarding this serious issue did not provide any definite answers whether they know the games they are offering are pirated or not, they should be considered responsible by all means. Every online casino absolutely must verify the authenticity of the software they present to players, being oblivious of this is dangerous and puts players at the risk of losing money, not to mention how unfair and damaging it is for honest development studios who work hard to produce quality software. We advise all members to read our rogue reports and always be wary of Costa Rica casinos, since their bad reputation is well known. If you are unsure about a particular casino, we urge you to check our Warning list or our rogue reports – we update these regularly with new findings and latest info. 

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