300 Registered Casino Representatives on the LCB Forum


We are proud to announce that we have reached this fantastic number of 300 casino representatives who have joined our forum to assist our wonderful members. It is well-known that LCB has a large community of 80,000 members. As the number of casinos is growing, we have more and more official reps on our forum, on almost daily basis. Our initial idea was to create a community that is like a big happy family. Obviously, we’ve accomplished it.

Direct Casino Support is a section, where players can directly communicate with the casino reps. We do not want unsatisfied members and we personally think that every issue can and have to be resolved. Thanks to our awesome and extremely responsive casino reps, we have managed to reach that. The reason we are overjoyed is not down to a number of reps we have managed to register, but the results we’ve reached with our Complaints section. We are actually mediators between members and casino reps. We encourage our members to share their experience, thoughts and concerns on the forum.

What we value the most are responsive and responsible casino representatives. Being involved in solving issues, showing your willingness to help players is the best proof you are representing your casino in the best possible way. That’s how you gain players’ trust and your brand is without any doubt a place for everyone’s peace of mind. That’s also how every brand can increase its popularity and rating among players. Honesty and transparency maintain a strong relationship between all of us. The stronger our community is, the more we’ll benefit in the long run. Both our casino partners and our members like to interact via our boards, therefore it makes it much easier and more enjoyable for us to serve as mediators.

When you have a look at our Complaints section, you read through all resolved issues. The reason an issue is marked as unresolved is mostly due to the inactivity of complainant or inactivity of the casino rep. When this is the case, we add a casino on our warning list.

To conclude, we are really proud of our achievements and we’re definitely working even harder to reach another milestone.

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