AffDaddy Designed with Affiliates in Mind


AffDaddy will continue to provide its affiliate members with a scheme that is designed to help them develop and improve their sites. Those who sign up get to access an intuitive affiliate programme that provides them with an array of tools. From enticing marketing materials to cutting-edge tracking software, there are many user-friendly features for affiliates.

Affiliates are also in a position to make choices based on what is best for their business. From the outset, it is possible for affiliates to generate earnings based on whether they want revenue share, cost per acquisition, or a hybrid combination of both. Meanwhile, affiliates can receive their earnings by Neteller, Skrill, or wire transfer.

AffDaddy continues to provide support by publishing guides that are designed to help affiliates develop their understanding of the skills needed to be successful. The guides are published frequently and there is already a diverse selection of topics.

January’s guide is centred on starting an affiliate site with a tiny budget, and there are other helpful topics to suit more advanced affiliates. Previous guides have taken the time to explore mobile content optimisation, planning a news schedule, diversifying content, and many other that can improve the user experience.

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