Affiliate Guard Dog Becomes Part of LCB Network

Latest Casino Bonuses network continues to expand with the latest purchase of Affiliate Guard Dog in September 2017. A proven watchdog for casino affiliates, AGD acts in their best interest as a gathering place and an extensive knowledge directory. This is the first site we've acquired focused primarily on our own kind, the kindred associates making the gaming industry a better place for players. 
Affiliate Guard Dog boasts a large forum, where affiliates can gather together and engage in open discussions on various assorted operators, sharing experiences and tips. This is an effective way to connect and consider the pros and cons of casino business practices, and seek advice from seasoned professionals familiar with all this side of the industry has to offer. 
One of the most important aspects of the site is the Rogue Operators list, where all shady groups are openly scrutinized in detail. Additionally, affiliates can consult the directory for latest developments in virtual gaming, newly launched casinos, and other trending subjects.
As a special feature, the Platinum Certified Program welcomes the highest quality operators, that made a name for themselves by collaborating with affiliates in an honest and transparent manner. To be deemed a top-notch establishment, operators must meet a number of strict requirements, which include non-predatory terms and conditions, no reported rogue practices, timely payments to affiliates, and quick response time.
Andy, the previous owner, passed the site into the hands of LCB Team with full confidence and trust in our competence and expertise:
“Josh and the LCB team were handpicked to ensure that AGD moves forward with even more dedication towards the protection of affiliates. While is it sad to let AGD go, I believe it is in the best interest of affiliates to have a dedicated team ready and willing to protect affiliate interests.”
Josh Chan, owner and CEO of LCB, chose AGD on merit, based on their excellent past record and the watchdog approach they've successfully maintained: 
“We will be dedicating full-time resources to add helpful tools for our fellow affiliates, we have learnt many insights into what it takes to be a successful affiliate over the last 10+ years and we hope to share that knowledge and help move this industry into a safer and more honest one.”

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