At the iGaming Super Show: How Technology can Make the difference when Acquiring and Managing eSports Bettors

3 June 2016. BtoBet will be showcasing at the upcoming iGaming Super Show, from the 7-10th June in Amsterdam. Btobet is the first company to introduce AI to the online gaming industry and is pleased to invite operators to come and explore the company’s Artificial Intelligence and all its technological features at Stand B54. On the 9th June, BtoBet will also be on the eSports panel. Following the new emerging eSports trend, traditional sportsbook makers are exploring its potential and the needs of this new generation of fans and players, which is completely different from the original target.

BtoBet‘s Head of Sportsbook, Davide Ruggeri, will be speaking at the eSports panel entitled “eSports: Bringing Home the Millennials” on the 9th June, from 12.00 to 12.45 in Conference Room n.2.
During the conference, BtoBet will analyse how sportsbooks can create lifetime values from the millennial customer-base that eSports attracts.  Ruggeri will focus on how traditional bookmakers can start a dialogue with eSports fans in order to conquer a new slice of the market. He will give some useful suggestions on how to achieve the new target; the so-called millennials, and provide concrete strategies that operators should adopt in order to first gain their interest, and retain them as loyal customers once acquired.

Davide Ruggeri, BtoBet’s Head of Sportsbook, added:

“Considering Millennials or Generation Y, who are completely different from the today’s traditional sports punters, bookmakers have to ponder this aspect to position themselves and to plan how to engage with this new target. BtoBet can help them expand their business beyond the traditional sports betting.”

During the conference, he will explain in depth the strategies and the tech tools required that traditional bookmakers should use to in order for them to benefit from this exciting new segment, adding:

“eSports fan base is composed by around 90 million people worldwide and operators must be prepared for this fast growing phenomena.

75% of Millennials are always connected and multitasking on multi devices; they don’t trust in TV and traditional advertisement but they prefer sharing opinions and experiences in blogs and social media. They are attracted by rapid answers, enticing images, great audios and outstanding videos.

Millennials think individually and like to be treated specially with personal and personalized proposals; they speak their own language and always seek new skills and updates about gaming. But how can operators meet millennials’ challenging expectation? They need suitable tools, and flexible and intelligent software that can allow them to become

Omnichannel-connected, in order to offer personalized proposals and content. They have to think, speak and operate millennials.”

During the panel, Ruggeri will guide the audience through all the options available. After the conference, a white paper will be available on the BtoBet website on the eSports solution area at link
BtoBet has infact decided to dedicate a special section of its gaming solution to eSports, offering bookmakers its intelligent software integrated with Betradar’s high performing eSports solutions, and the opportunity to experience the promising new eSports environment with protection from Fraud Detection & Prevention services, direct real-time data from game servers and CS: GO Streaming service with the lowest possible delay (Exclusive ESL deal).



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