Beer Pong at ExCel London 2017 Affiliate Conference

LCB Team was busy last week attending another Affiliate Conference that was hosted at ExCel London. This huge venue was a perfect place for industry professionals to socialize, discuss important issues and exchange ideas and experiences. It was set on a 100-acre land on the Royal Docks, a stone's throw away from the City and very close to the airport. While it's true we were there primarily to work, that doesn't mean we were not allowed a bit of leisure time. LCB has always had so much fun at conferences, and this time things were not different. There was to be ReBet's prestigious beer pong final against Ask Gamblers, ‘Best Casino Website’ 2017 award nominee and ultimate winner, and we were not the ones to bail out. 
Our dear friend Marius Fillip was attending as well, he was nominated for an iGB 'Best Affiliate Manager' award. Zuga and him prepared for an epic beer pong battle, while Melcb, MelissaN, the Admin and Feelin froggy cheered on trying to inspire a flawless win for the team. Combatants received a few cups of beer and some ping pong balls each. The goal of the game is to toss or bounce the balls across the table and attempt to land them directly into the opponents cup. If you're successful, then the opponent must toss back the contents and drink the beer. The first to drink all their beer loses, at least that's what we thought, but Zuga had his own winning strategy in mind. As the group was shouting encouragement his way, Zuga seemed to welcome the opponents balls, drinking his beer casually and without concern. Not accepting defeat for the LCB team, Melcb was about to replace him and sub MelissaN, but he wasn't about to give up the position. He explained to us that, in his view, the winner is the one who gets to enjoy all the beer. After pondering on the thought, we really had no valid grounds to object – let's face it, he had a point! So we left him do his thing.  Although we were not victorious according to the official rules of the competition, in the end there was still a sense of accomplishment for LCB
It's important to take part, play and have fun. It's how you play the game, not whether you win or lose. And besides, everyone is a winner when playing Beer Pong!

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