Bitcoin Gambling Milestones in 2016 Push for a Stronger Market in 2017

| By iGB Editorial Team

Year 2016 proves to be a pivotal time for Bitcoin gambling. Operators and players saw significant developments early this year, while more changes continue to shape up toward 2017. Bitcoin Gambling Guide, which is the premier source of Bitcoin gambling reviews, news, and trends, predicts a stronger market for Bitcoin gambling next year.


The expectation for Bitcoin gambling to reach wider acceptance is based on important milestones that helped the market take major steps for the past months. A primary factor behind this is when more online casinos and betting sites added Bitcoin to their payment system.


“Online casinos running on fiat payments gradually take notice of the potential of Bitcoin in online gambling. Operators have begun to include cryptocurrencies,” said Chris Evans, Business Development Manager at Bitcoin Gambling Guide. “Even if it’s just Bitcoin that they add, it’s already a big leap for the Bitcoin gambling market.”


Affiliate programs in iGaming also welcomed Bitcoin, with some even shifting their payments to the cryptocurrency. Winning Poker Network Affiliates and Betting Partners are among the iGaming affiliate programs that already pay Bitcoin commissions. These two programs made the big move this year, alongside the increasing interest in Bitcoin.


Game developers also joined the movement as more companies realize the role Bitcoin plays in today’s online gambling market. This resulted in more games becoming available in Bitcoin casinos. Some of the game content providers that entered Bitcoin gambling this year are iSoftBet and Habanero.


Other than the adoption of Bitcoin in the business, the success stories of Bitcoin casino players helped spread awareness within the iGaming community. Huge Bitcoin wins like the 371.19 BTC win in Bitcoin slots at Bitcoin Video Casino in April amplified the prizes at stake in Bitcoin gambling.’s 250 BTC win from a single dice roll made the headlines in June, along with other big Bitcoin wins from playing slots, dice, poker, and table games.


“This year, eSports betting made noise and it’s clear that Bitcoin sportsbooks are more than ready to cater to this market,” he added. “We should watch out for eSports betting to be even bigger next year, and this should be one of the things operators must not miss out on.”


eSports tournaments have been around for years, but it was only recently that eSports betting took the spotlight. It was also this year when Bitcoin eSports betting became more prominent. More Bitcoin sportsbooks now offer betting odds on the hottest eSports games and tournaments. As more eSports tournaments take place next year, Bitcoin bettors can expect a wider coverage of these games and events.


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