BtoBet announces Latin America technifying tour



BtoBet has announced a Latin American technifying tour that will take the leading platform provider across multiple countries in the region. Attending the region’s most influencing conferences and iGaming events throughout the year the company will showcase its Neuron 3 platform, especially its new retail solution, and other innovative features that are set to be introduced periodically.

“Latin America is emerging as a strong market for operators to diversify their business strategies, as the more mature European market is increasingly showing signs of diminished growth,” states BtoBet’s Chief Executive Officer, Alessandro Fried.

“The market is still predominantly brick and mortar, and with this in mind we have developed a new retail solution allowing operators to streamline their operations, target anonymous customers and transform them into registered players, and eventually augmenting the user experience at the retail stage. All this whilst ensuring that all channels are seamlessly interconnected for a holistic betting experience.”

Fried added that BtoBet’s LatAm portfolio speaks for itself. “We are undoubtedly very well placed to maximise all current and future opportunities in the region, already having in place a series of strategic partnerships.

Through this technifying tour we seek to further cement our position as regional leaders, with our technological solutions’ adaptability, flexibility and versatility already tried and tested throughout the years we have been present in the territory.”

Amongst other events BtoBet is set to attend Colombia’s GAT Expo (formerly known as Fadja), the Peru Gaming Show (PGS), the Brazil Gaming Congress (BGC), and Argentina’s SAGSE.

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