BtoBet to unveil major UX and UI overhaul

| By Josephine Watson

In a move which is in line with its vision of delivering a more bespoke and tailored approach for both the player and operator, igaming platform provider BtoBet is set to unveil an upgrade in terms of user experience based on enhanced elements incorporated in its sports book platform. The upgrade will unlock and deliver customisability for bookmakers, thus providing brand unicity in terms of UI and ultimately UX.

“This upgrade is a big step forward in terms of personalisation and brand differentiation for our partners, and it is easily understandable why this is so. The major platform providers deliver a streamlined and bland user experience to all of their partners. This should not be the case since the design and interface and thus the holistic UX itself should not be predefined but must be an asset that all operators need to make their own,” stated BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried.

Fried further stated that after analysing the current state of the industry BtoBet have unlocked the possibility for each bookmaker to create his own distinct player experience, by disconnecting the platform itself from the whole UX process, be it the design or the interface.

“Nowadays the reality is that the player is being provided with the core platform UX features and not the unique elements that should distinguish one brand from another. It is with this in mind that we have decided to make a clear and defined approach, where you have the role of the operator that is fundamental to deliver its own interface, and the way they want their brand to communicate with their players, whilst on the other hand there is BtoBet as the platform provider whose role is to provide the core technology required by licensees to manage their business,” stated Fried.

BtoBet will be flying to Amsterdam for the iGB Live! event. Those operators keen on delving deeper on how they could further set apart their brand from the competition could schedule a meeting by sending an email on and meet with our team of experts that will be present at the BtoBet B2B VIP Lounge.

Those igaming companies who want insight on how to personalise their brands in the saturated European market can also download BtoBet’s latest Industry Report: “The Personal Touch for the European Player”.

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