Camelot Builds New iLottery Platform


Camelot Builds New iLottery Platform

– Web and mobile platform can be plugged into host gaming systems worldwide –

Camelot Global, working with Camelot’s in-house product development team, has developed and built a new revolutionary iLottery platform that can be used with any host gaming system worldwide. The new platform was launched in the UK for The National Lottery ( at the beginning of September and will be introduced in Ireland from next year.


Camelot has made a significant investment in the new system, which has been developed using the latest methods and technologies, and has the capability to help lotteries in two main ways. Firstly, it will increase participation and revenues, because it allows players the freedom to play anytime, anywhere. The new system provides a suite of products that can be customized to any market and has been designed to give players a tailored experience depending on what device they use to access the site – mobile, tablet, PC. The new platform also delivers a transactional mobile service, allowing consumers to play a selection of Instant Win Games on their mobile.


Secondly, the modern platform can be rapidly enhanced to meet the needs of the individual lottery – significantly improving the speed to market and reducing the costs associated with legacy platforms. The introduction of automation, which improves the quality and timeframes associated with testing, will also allow lotteries to be more agile and responsive to consumer needs – ensuring that they can move at the speed of their players.


Andy Duncan, Chief Executive Designate of Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, said: “The launch of this new platform has been an overwhelming success that was delivered seamlessly by the in-house team. The feedback from our players has also been very positive, with most users loving the new design, layout and functionality – especially the ability to play Instant Win Games on their mobile phones, a first in the UK. The new site has, and continues to, attract new registrations and we have seen a significant uplift in incremental sales from mobile and tablet devices, which is great news for National Lottery Good Causes across the UK.”

The launch of the iLottery platform in the UK saw more than six million registered users and over 195 million transactions moved across from the old site in the first 24 hours. The new National Lottery site has also attracted over 20,000 new registrations in the first week.

Nigel Railton, Chief Executive Designate of Camelot Global Services, commented; “We are extremely pleased to announce that we have added iLottery services to our open lottery platform, which can be implemented into the lottery market in any jurisdiction. Achieving a multi-channel experience – incorporating both retail and digital sales – is vital for the future health of lotteries worldwide. This new platform enables lotteries to adapt quickly to consumer demands and gives players the choice to play when they want on any device. Following its successful launch in the UK, we will be installing the new platform in Ireland – to ensure that the Irish National Lottery can also offer a truly integrated player experience. We look forward to working with other lotteries throughout the world to implement our innovative iLottery and in-lane solutions – enabling them to satisfy untapped digital and retail expansion opportunities, and return more money for beneficiaries. ”

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