Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Latest Casino Bonuses

Maybe you've noticed a secretive little leprechaun snooping around the boards? Following him might be a good idea, and if you dare trace his footsteps you'll find yourself at the LCB's March Contest thread! It's raining shamrocks over here in anticipation of St Patrick's Day. There has always been a special place for traditional imagery of this day, famous Irish luck and pots of gold overflowing somewhere under the rainbow. We at LCB are anxious to join the celebrations and give our members some sparkly coin!
As you've probably noticed, it's the beginning of March – and you know what that means. It's not only spring weather we're looking forward to, it's another LCB contest. The prize pool is a whooping $250 that will be shared among 14 lucky winners. We have to tell you though, the mischievous leprechaun is actually our Super Admin Lipstick having some good ole fun with you guys. But shhhh, she doesn't have to know we're onto her! Let's play by her rules and see what comes out of it:
Lipstick says there will be shamrock showers pouring down LCB, bringing gold coins and rainbows to all fortunate members. In fact, she knows exactly how many shamrocks will fall down each day, and if you can guess the correct amount or at least get close enough, she will reward your outstanding guessing abilities with the winner's crown of the day.  A clever lass she is, but nothing really comes for free. Fortunately, St Paddy's contest will not take too much time or effort on your part.  
Remember, you have only one guess per day, but you can win twice during the contest. In the event you do win twice, you can no longer post answers to the thread or else we will be forced to forfeit your prizes. If you happen to grab a piece of the prize money, you can only spend it in the Shop https://latestcasinobonuses.com/shop where many exciting chips await. To be eligible for the contest, you need to be an LCB member for at least one month, joining on or before February 1, 2017. Only one account per member is allowed. In case we suspect abuse or any unforeseen issue arises, we reserve the right to cancel or amend the contest and void all wins. Prizes for winners will be determined by a random draw and announced shortly after the contest ends. 
Now that we went through some of the rules, you can head straight to the Contest page and take part in this green shamrock parade. The first day has already seen lots of answers and is nearing to its end. The competition is not going to last forever, so hurry up and join the fun. If the luck of the Irish smiles down upon you, one of the following prizes may be yours:
  • $50 x 1
  • $40 x 1
  • $35 x 1
  • $30 x 1
  • $25 x 1
  • $20 x 1
  • $10 x 2
  • $5 x 6
Good luck!

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