Compete and Have Fun at Our Exclusive Contests

| By iGB Editorial Team

What can make you feel special when you are contributing on LCB? The only thing you should do is become our member and every day will make you feel like you are a part of one big online family. One of the things that make LCB stand out in a crowd are its awesome bonus offers. Another thing that goes hand in hand with bonus offers are the exclusive LCB tourneys and contests. We strive to provide our loyal members with the best and most attractive tourneys where they, besides the chance to compete and win a prize, also have the opportunity to have fun, socialize and share their experience with other members. This is a very valuable aspect of our online community.


We always tend to come up with something new and surprise our members by offering very unique and interesting monthly contests. We are currently running one that especially peculiar. Try your luck, show your creativity and be awarded for that. We are currently running an exclusive LCB Avatar Contest this September. Since we recently launched a new web design, we would like our members to create their new avatar pictures for that occasion. We are looking for the most creative, coolest, finest and smartest avatars. Once you come up with an idea on how to stand out from the crowd and fulfill certain requirements, share it on the thread and then the LCB team is going to choose the winners. We recommend you give it a try! Maybe your avatar would be among the best ones and you get to win an amazing $100 Grand Prize. Go ahead and check it out!


With regards to other exclusive tourneys, we also offer Exclusive monthly offer deals with our casino partners. We make our dear members special by providing them with the best offers and deals. There is a specific place on our forum where we post exclusive monthly tourneys. The only requirement to take part in it is to be our member and the adventure can start. You can choose from one of the highly rated casinos in our exclusive tourney section. You don’t have to waste much of your time. Every tourney is described in detail, with all the requirements you need to meet in order to participate. For some of them, you simply enter a code in the casino’s tourney lobby, while for others you need to post your casino username. It’s pretty simple and the fun is guaranteed. Another good thing is that you are able to see other players’ experiences and comments and you are more than welcome to share yours as well. Prizes are awesome! If you haven’t been lucky one month, don’t give up. You have another chance the next month to try your luck at the same casino, with maybe even better offer. 

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