Comtrade Gaming integrates with Incredible Technologies


Comtrade Gaming, the technology provider to the gaming industry, announced that their G2S (Game to System) EGM protocol stacks will be integrated into Incredible Technologies’ slot machines. After decades of designing, developing and manufacturing gaming products, Incredible Technologies aims to position itself as an industry leader in innovation and performance.  

“We’re eager to complete the integration of G2S with our EGM system software” said Larry Hodgson, VP of engineering at Incredible Technologies. “Our partnership with Comtrade will allow us to expand into new markets where G2S technology is the preferred EGM management system. We’re now able to provide an integrated solution that is growth-focused and player centered.”

Created along GSA Standards, the G2S EGM Protocol Engine provides the vendor with the functionality to integrate a library of layered features to facilitate multiple host support, media server-initiated messages and detailed data to allow better performance analytics. As a part of the sCore G2S Solution business logic extensions highlight key insights to open two-way communication between EGM and host systems.

“G2S Protocol Stacks allow fast implementation and permit scalability and successful product performance,” explains Igor Rus, director of systems. “As we negotiate new global entry points, the cooperation with Incredible Technology reinforces that the market continues to develop along our strengths. Opportunities for innovation provide partners with solutions and prove that progress is in development.”

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