Crossbetting: Gamble Beast Sportsbook breaks the boundaries

14 September 2017

Gamble Beast announces about a new outstanding feature of its flexible Sportsbook solution- Crossbetting.


“Offering wide range of markets & sport types, huge number of live & pre-match events accompanied by live streaming, has become a common approach for Sportsbook solution providers. Our aim is to keep on bringing new, non-standard features and opportunities to our partners and their clients”-emphasized Tigran Atoyan, Chief Revenue Officer.

Crossbetting is the result of highly professional teamwork combined with “out of the box” thinking, bringing totally new experience to the players. Thanks to Crossbetting the players are no more limited by the events taking place in reality. They can easily bet on the created games (not taking place in reality) with the teams, brought together from two real parallel matches. If Barcelona, for example, is playing with Real Madrid and Arsenal is playing with Manchester United, your players might rather enjoy betting on Barcelona-Arsenal if it was possible. Now they have the opportunity to make it possible thanks to Crossbetting feature in Gamble Beast Sportsbook.

“We are proud that Crossbetting was first introduced to the Armenian market by our Armenian partner using Gamble Beast Sportsbook. It's impressive that Crossbetting had its significant impact on our partners' turnover increase.”,- said Tigran Atoyan.

Currently Crossbetting is possible for football only, but in future Gamble Beast will not only make it possible for other sports, but also introduce new Live Crossbetting.

Thanks to Crossbetting Gamble Beast breaks the boundaries empowering the players of its partners to enjoy betting on the games they want, crossing two parallel, non-crossing events.


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