Enzo Casino Calls Upon Confusing T&C to Refuse Big Bonus Cashout

The latest gambling controversy we have encountered involves Enzo Casino and their refusal to grant a €14.320 bonus win, claiming that the terms and conditions relating to the offer have been breached. The player who won this substantial amount protested against this decision in the designated thread at LCB, asking us to mediate and help remedy the unfortunate situation. It was a complicated case to investigate, as we found the bonus rules of this Curacao-based venue to be far too confusing for players to understand, and could be interpreted differently depending on user's intentions. Since in general, we consider ambiguous terms unacceptable when relating to casino play, and given that Enzo stood by their decision despite this fact, we felt it is in players' best interest to place this site on the Warning list.
Max Bet Rule Allegedly Exceeded
Our member used the first deposit match bonus, together with a 15% additional boost to the awarded funds, as part of the casino's e-wallet promotion. When claiming the offer, he was credited with a single sum to his balance which he was able to use and wager making sure that his bets do not exceed the stated limit of 30% of the bonus amount, eventually ending up with a large win which he attempted to withdraw. It was only then that he was notified by the management that the maximum bet threshold was exceeded, hence his win was declared void. 
According to the player's and our calculations, there were no irregularities present in his bonus wagering, so we asked the official representative of the site to clarify the issue in the Support Board. The rep explained that the problem was not related to the match offer, but the banking method promotion which they considered a separate bonus to which the max bet rule also applies. However, we could not accept this reasoning for the simple fact that the bonus funds were joint, and there was no way to tell which was used first. Also, the 15% boost was vaguely defined on the website, and in our opinion, there was nothing in this definition to indicate it is, in fact, an entirely separate offer. 
Furthermore, Enzo has another complex rule within the General section of their T&C page, which contradicts the bonus specific rules and might have been used to absolve the player from his alleged error. It states that the maximum allowed wager while a bonus is active is 30% of the deposit amount, in which case our member did nothing wrong and should have been allowed to withdraw his win.
After establishing these facts, we tried to reason with this gaming site and come up with a mutually beneficial outcome. Despite our efforts, they refused to reconsider their decision, leaving the player empty-handed after all. We believe our member was disadvantaged in this case solely due to Enzo Casino's confusing terms, which should be formulated to reflect better what is expected of their customers. It is because of this and their unfair conduct that we have issued a warning report at LCB,where we explain all complexities of this case in detail. 

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