EveryMatrix publishes State of Esports Betting 2020 report

B2B technology provider EveryMatrix has launched The State of Esports Betting 2020, an in-depth analysis of the betting industry during the current sports drought and beyond. The comprehensive information empowers bookmakers with up-to-date insights on how esports can become an enduring growth strategy.

The report aims to shed light on the increasing popularity of esports and how they can help bookmakers stay afloat during the current period of uncertainty. The 43-page in-depth analysis analyses a substantial amount of data, comparing esports to traditional sports in terms of key metrics and their impact on both operators and providers.

Ebbe Groes, group CEO of EveryMatrix, said: “The last eight weeks have been quite dramatic. Esports entered the scene with a bang, from being a niche, only a small sub-segment of sports betting, without receiving many considerations from operators, to being today a very large part of the offering available on the market.

“Operators who already had esports or who were able to integrate them quickly, are ultimately the ones who are making the most out of the current lack of real-life sports events. The ones who were not so agile are unfortunately seeing massive losses. However, it is not too late to jump on the esports bandwagon, especially since predictions show that betting on esports is here to stay. Ultimately, the aim is to maximise sportsbook revenue and diversify the offering.”

The State of Esports Betting 2020 is available for free and can be accessed on

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