First-Hand Gambling Stories at LCB

Nothing beats practical experience when it comes to gambling success – to get the gist of it, players must enter the arena themselves and start learning from mistakes. That is how we sharpen our skills, define our preferences and play-style, become better and better with each session, regardless if we win or lose. But does this mean we should disregard what other fellow gamblers have to say? Of course not! Second-hand knowledge can be invaluable in this tricky world of casino games, and if it happens to come from a trustworthy person, then we should by all means take it at face value. Sometimes, we just want to enjoy a few fun stories, anecdotes or true accounts of times past. 
One of the main goals of LCB is experience sharing for the purposes of creating a better, safer and enjoyable gambling environment. Our Forum is integral to achieving this, however there are other ways you can educated yourself and have lots of fun in the process. If you want to read about first-hand gambling adventures and get an expert insight into the hot subjects of the industry, check out LCB's Editorials and Player Experiences. There are hundreds of pages for you to explore – a bit of history, good old Vegas tales, musings on various gambling-related themes and a great deal of sound advice. There's enough here to keep you busy for a while, who knows how many times we found ourselves reading into the wee hours of the night. 
Editorials section is dominated by great articles from our very own Geno Lawrenzi Jr. He's been everywhere, done everything, seen it all. If there's one person whose adventures we want to hear about, it's Geno. What we like best are his accounts of Las Vegas' golden era and it's glamorous past. Stardust Memories is one of our personal favorites, but we're sure you'll find many more of his recollections to enjoy. 
For more practical reads, there's Brandon James with his incredibly detailed advantage play theory-crafting and thoughts on pretty much every pressing issue that has ever surfaced in the industry, both land-based and online. Brandon is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience to share, reading his articles will not leave you disappointed. Always down to the point, his editorials are impartial, professional and useful. Whenever there's a particularly interesting new promotion, bonus or tournament, Brandon takes it apart into the smallest of details in an attempt to find out whether it is worth to play or not. 
Lipstick, our Global Moderator, loves to gamble. Her favorite is poker, but she doesn't shy away from a good slot either. She is always busy exploring and looking for great new casinos, and her numerous articles tell stories of big wins, loses and quirky occurrences that are never lacking in her exciting exploits. There's a fair share of each of those in her long career, that she relates to us about once a week. You'll find her tales in the Player Experiences section of the News.

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