Gaming Resorts and Bitcoin Acceptance Perfect for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan’s bid to be Asia’s next gambling attraction could succeed with the help from Bitcoin. Bitcoin recently surprised the financial markets with its price momentum. It reached its highest value in December since its peak in 2014 and it continues to show positive performance at the time of writing.


With the country gearing up to build land-based gaming resorts in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the gaming community can expect new trends that can influence the global gaming industries.


Japan is popular for its unique games and video slots, and these games could be the next big thing in the market. The unique video slots in Japan go beyond the spinning reels. They add new game features that highlight physical interaction with the players for more excitement.


As Japan warms up to Bitcoin—with the bill to regulate Bitcoin already passed—it would be interesting to see the soon-to-rise gaming resorts accept Bitcoin payments. Not only will this set Japan’s gaming resorts apart from the rest in Asia, it will also prepare the country for Bitcoin’s inevitable rise by the time Tokyo hosts the next Olympics.


The same trend can be expected in the iGaming industry. HappiStar, Asia’s no.1 mobile casino, will be the first to showcase the fusion of Bitcoin with the unique video slots and games of Japan.

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