Gamingtec CMO attended MAC 19 Kyiv Affiliate Conference

| By Aaron Noy

The Gamingtec marketing team attended the MAC 19 Kyiv Affiliate Conference, which took place in the Ukrainian capital on the 10th October. The event brought together representatives of leading companies in the iGaming industry, media buyers and affiliates, and provided great networking opportunities to all participants.

The conference was devoted to such topics as targeting and running traffic from social media, media buying with minimal resources, working with unpopular GEOs, etc. More than 2,000 attendants took part. Olga Stoyan, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Gamingtec, commended the organisation of the event and said the conference satisfied her expectations. In her own words:

It is very important for us to keep up with trends in affiliate marketing. We need to optimize a conversion funnel on our platform and we expect affiliate marketing to help us with it. End customers attracted by affiliates pass several main stages: registration, playing, money withdrawal. Thus, we should optimize UX and UI for all the core components: user-friendly registration forms, customized display of the games, and a huge variety of payment systems integrated into our platform. Collaborating with affiliates on such conferences, we learn what may kill traffic conversion and which types of sales funnels are the most productive.

The Gamingtec CMO added:

Instead of theory of marketing, this conference focused rather on best practices, user experience and case studies. Specialists who generate traffic on an everyday basis shared their insights. Most of them were talking about social media, messengers and mobile applications, because 80% of players use mobile devices, according to statistics.
It is important to meet potential partners in person in the iGaming industry. International conferences inspire confidence and provide lots of opportunities for collaboration and networking. Stoyan stated, ‘I was impressed by the level of MAC 19. The event was well-organized, exhibition and market zones were prepared carefully’.

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