German lottery operator Lotto Baden-Württemberg chooses Morpho’s ELITE lottery terminal

The German lottery operator Lotto Baden-Württemberg has selected Morpho (Safran) to supply 3,600 lottery terminals.

Under the contract, Morpho will deliver its latest ELITE lottery terminal, using innovative imaging technology which offers high efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness for retailers. The ELITE terminal includes new features such as the ability to create original play slips, in new shapes and sizes.
The competitive selection process conducted by Lotto Baden-Württemberg highlighted the advantages of the ELITE terminal, which include enhanced services such as the management of ID documents and fingerprint authentication of retailers. The software supplied with these terminals as well as the terminal management system will be developed in partnership with Lotsys, a subsidiary of the French lottery operator, la Française des Jeux.

Managing Director of Lotto Baden-Württemberg Marion Caspers-Merk added: “After careful consideration we chose Morpho's ELITE gaming terminals. The new technology offers many possibilities from which our sales partners and customers will profit. We are very pleased with this cooperation.”

To date, more than 34,000 operational units of the ELITE terminal have been deployed with customer feedback indicating high levels of satisfaction from retailers. An additional quantity of 10,000 units will be delivered to different customers throughout Europe in the coming months.
Lotto Baden-Württemberg already has a long working relationship with Morpho, which supplies their existing terminals. By choosing Morpho to upgrade their lottery terminals, Lotto Baden-Württemberg has renewed their trust in Morpho's advanced gaming solutions.


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