Gorilla Casino hit the LCB’s Warning list for refusal to pay out players

| By iGB Editorial Team

In February 2015, Gorilla casino registered Eric Gauthier as its official representative on our forum. He expressed his happiness and pleasure to be a part of the LCB forum. In his introduction, he seemed to be enthusiastic about assisting and helping our members. The very next day, the first complaint was published. Namely, a player reported having been charged fees to withdraw winning on his PayPal account. This was an unusual practice, indeed. In addition to that, in the next couple of days, another player stated that the casino owed him 1,550 euros and he had been waiting for months for the money to hit his account. He succeeded to withdraw only 160 euros. After several attempts to get help from their customer support, he reached out to our forum community and finally got an answer from the rep. The player was being accused of fraudulent play in the casino using Martingale System while playing Roulette. The player had been playing Slots and Blackjack, not Roulette.  The LCB team stepped in trying to mediate on behalf of the player.


To start off, LCB’s admin Zuga explained thoroughly what Martingale System is, stating the facts that the system is not illegal, does not give the player an edge over any casino and on top of that, is not fraudulent. The rep was confronted with all these facts. As expected, he did not want to elaborate on it. His final response was that he had to advise his Finance Department. He was never heard from again. LCB required evidence and documents that would prove that the player did cheat using the above mentioned “illegal system”. It was nowhere stated in their T&C about betting systems that were considered fraudulent.  After forwarding these findings, we were waiting for an explanation for several days.  


Since there was no reply or any indication that the issue was going to be resolved, we placed Gorilla casino and its sister site 770Red on our warning list in March 2015. The casino was proven difficult to cooperate with. They also did not provide any relevant documents that would really prove what games the player had been playing or his intentions or even attempts to cheat in the casino. Since then the following label stands on Gorilla and 770Red casino review page: ‘This casino was placed on our warning list due to denying the player winnings on the ground of Martingale betting system being used. The player was accused of fraud for using this system. However by any gambling standards this betting system is not illegal nor fraudulent, and even casino's own T&C's do not mention anything against it. This is why we believe this casino is using it only as an excuse to not pay the legitimate winnings, and is why they can't be trusted.’


With all that said, we recommend you to avoid these casinos and find some other place for your own peace of mind. 

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