HappiStar Gives Away White Valentine Bonus for the Entire Month


HappiStar celebrates White day by giving away cash back bonuses every day and amazing prices at the end of the month. HappiStar, the leading mobile casino in Asia, launches White day Bonus as a follow-up to its successful Valentine Bonus held in February.


The HappiStar White Valentine Bonus begins on March 14, with the 10% cash back bonus good until March 21 and the Biggest Winner and Loser special bonus running until March 31.


10% Cash Back Bonus


Registered members can deposit a minimum amount of $50 to qualify for the 10% cash back bonus, while the maximum deposit amount is $2,000. Interested players can apply for the bonus by sending the HappiStar customer support an email with the keyword “I want cash back” along with their username and deposit amount.


The HappiStar 10% cash back bonus only applies to players who have used up the maximum deposit amount. Members can apply for the bonus on the deposit day only and just once per day. Players will receive the 10% cash back bonus in their account within 24 hours after their application.


Biggest Winner and Loser Special Bonus


HappiStar’s White day Bonus will also give two lucky winners a luxury prize each. The player to receive the largest sum of wins during the campaign period will receive a wonderful dinner in a three-star hotel, with the hotel’s location dependent on the member’s location. On the other hand, the biggest loser will receive a wonderful overnight hot spring trip, with the hot spring’s location also dependent on the member’s location.


For further information about the HappiStar White Valentine Bonus terms and conditions, please check HappiStar Facebook.  Alternatively, please visit HappiStar.com to go right to the number one mobile casino in Asia.

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