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| By iGB Editorial Team

Since the launch of new LCB design, many things are now user-friendly and more functional, made to make people’s navigation through the site easier and faster. Having in mind that people have less and less free time for themselves, our aim was to launch a website where our members can enjoy themselves while using their time more efficiently.


 Just try to recall how often you would have to spend hours on some random website looking for the information you needed at that moment. All that time wasted just because the website wasn’t functional and the info you needed was scattered so you could not find it easily. Based on our own experience and the experience of other people, we’ve decided to add numerous search tools and filters for a quick and easy search. We are doing our best to provide our members with an easy- to- navigate platform. That’s, in fact, one of the reasons why we set up the Guides section. What we wanted to do was to provide a place where our members can find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the content of the LCB site in one single and transparent place. We’ve listed commonly asked questions about our website and what we promote on it. This section basically functions as a quick guide to the whole LCB content.


Having a guide section is proving to be very useful since its aim is to maximize online gambling experience and save people’s time. Our aim is to gather all questions of concern to our members in one place. Our forum, as you may already know, is a place where you can ask your questions and post your concerns, whereas the Guide section is a place where you can get answers by reading the answers that are already there. We designed the Guide section to address the most common questions our members asked throughout our forum, live help or on social networks.


What things can you find there? Once you click on the Guides section, there are several parts marked with different colors: Bonuses, Games, Casinos, Accounts, Tournaments and Jackpots. There, for example, you can find out all about what you should do if you do not receive reward credits, what Rewards program is and how to participate in it. It helps our players to try to find the problem by themselves before they approach us on Live Help asking for the explanation.


For players who want to try their luck gambling for the first time, there is also a thorough explanation of what type of bonuses they can find, what wagering requirements are in general, why some bonus codes might not work for them, how to claim free spins etc. One of the most useful parts of this section is the Casino section where players can get familiar with both reputable casinos and casinos with the warning sign in place, payment methods and most importantly what elements one should take into consideration when choosing a casino to play in. There is also a section devoted to Tournaments. You can read about exclusive LCB tourneys, who can participate and how you can participate in them. It is well- know that, besides the large list of bonuses, LCB Shop is very popular with our members. Visit our site and get familiar with the most popular and latest shop items you can purchase.


Check out our website and tell us your thoughts. You can always contribute to this section by adding some new questions you think might be useful for all of us. You are more than welcome and we are always happy to get more feedback from our members.

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