Hero Gaming utilises NMPi Solutions


NMPi today announces a new partnership with Malta-based entertainment company, Hero Gaming to optimise paid search advertising campaigns for the online casino brand, Casino Heroes.

Since October, NMPi has provided full campaign management of Hero Gaming’s paid search activity for Casino Heroes across the UK, rebuilding the account and implementing its suite of solutions to ensure ads are both appropriate and relevant to the user.

NMPi was tasked with creating a marketing journey which drives first time depositors (FTDs) through the use of pay per click (PPC), before ultimately scaling up activity with the aim of reaching Hero Gaming’s objective of becoming the UK’s leading online casino operator.

The partnership sees Hero Gaming adopt NMPi’s bespoke, granular account structure to maximise control over bids, reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) and enable a continuous and user-friendly marketing experience. By delivering and utilising Google's Search Ads 360 platform to leverage Google’s machine learning algorithm-based bidding, NMPi will help Hero Gaming to facilitate a conjoined strategy across different search platforms and optimise activity throughout.

The partnership has already shown early signs of success. Since going live with NMPi’s restructured accounts, Hero Gaming has seen an FTD increase of 97% for a CPA increase of just 7% on the platform. The brand’s FTDs from non-branded keywords have also increased by over 90%.

CPA through brand-related keywords has fallen by over 47% thanks to continued optimisation of paid search efforts, freeing up budget for further investment in generic keywords.

“The online gaming sector is becoming increasingly consumed by the need to provide every user with a seamless journey, which almost always begins before they even reach the website. Companies must now have the tools in place to first find potential customers and to then help them to navigate the transition from their initial search to in-play experiences, without any disruption. We are delighted to assist Hero Gaming in enhancing its customer journey and look to continue the success already celebrated in the early stages of our partnership,” commented Luke Judge, CEO of NMPi.

Mikael Jansson, CMO at Hero Gaming commented: “Since our UK launch back in January, we have been committed to continuously improving the experience of our users and growing our Casino Heroes brand at scale. With these ambitions in mind, we sought to work with a local agency that could maximise our paid advertising performance and drive strong results throughout the region. NMPi’s digital solutions provide full support for our paid search efforts, helping us towards our business goals. We look forward to working with NMPi to continue this success in the future.”

For more information, please visit https://nmpidigital.com.

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