Importance of the Individual Approach in Payments

| By iGB Editorial Team

The payments industry is ripe with many different processing companies offering an assortment of products and services at low rates, including the option to switch providers for little to no additional cost. Though saving money is tempting, e-Commerce merchants should consider the approach such companies maintain towards their clients. Are their needs catered to, and will the payment processor make the necessary adjustments to existing products and technologies to make them ideally suited to the merchant’s business specifications and requirements?

ECommPay adheres to the belief that each client’s e-Commerce project has a unique challenge demanding an individual approach. The payment processor has therefore implemented a structure known as the “payments boutique”, in which each client is assigned to a personal manager. By introducing an account manager to oversee the client’s integration with ECommPay’s payment gateway and to provide technical assistance, the client can rest assured in the knowledge that their business is in capable hands.

Each account manager has extensive experience working within the relevant e-Commerce industry and quickly becomes intimately familiar with the particularities and nuances of the client’s business. Close cooperation with the client allows the account manager to connect processing services more quickly, apply the relevant e-Commerce solutions, and offer personalised advice. ECommPay’s team of payment experts has a range of tools at their disposal to enable merchant projects, to increase customer retention and conversion rates.

By connecting clients to a single point of contact, ECommPay endeavours to simplify the problem solving process. The ease of communication between the two parties leads to rapid solutions for any query or problem that may occur. The personal client manager, familiar with the industry and business, can quickly respond to client requests, resolving issues to the client’s satisfaction.

The main benefit of working directly with a payment processing expert, as opposed to a technical support group or call centre, is having a single point of contact within the processing company handling payments on behalf of e-Commerce merchants. Technical support applies the same knowledge and processes across a variety of different industries and businesses. Personal client managers, in contrast, have the information necessary to not only solve client problems, but to avoid the reappearance of similar complications in the future. The tailored advice of a trusted payments professional ensures that e-Commerce merchants receive the most up-to-date products, technologies, services, and solutions to meet their processing needs.

An ECommPay personal client manager is dedicated to improving client business. Regularly exploring the market and tracking changes within the payments industry, as well as trends within the client’s sphere of business, the account managers offer in-depth consultations to assist clients in discovering new markets and further expanding their business. The products and services already selected and implemented within the client’s payment processing model are reviewed frequently to understand whether they can be adapted in any way for profit maximization.

Employing a highly qualified team of payment experts is rapidly becoming an integral feature of quality payment processing centres. With the growing amount of payment processors offering their services on the e-Commerce market for low rates, the future development of the industry will be dependant on tailored, bespoke solutions and an individual approach to client services, leading to closer integration of personal client managers within merchants’ businesses.

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