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Latest Casino Bonuses is getting bigger every day – our veteran members who have supported us for years know how much we've grown since our founding year of 2006. Being a gambling-oriented portal, we know full well just how busy and hectic the industry can be. Every day brings something new to the table, be it another aspiring venue that needs to be tested out, reviewed and approved, some newly-released games, bonuses that LCB'ers must know about, legal changes or other important events; there's never a dull moment for us gaming enthusiasts. Admittedly, keeping up with all that's happening on the scene can difficult and requires diligence and adaptation. In order to be the guide you need, we must make our portal user-friendly, easy to navigate and comfortable to spend time at. As you've probably noticed, there's always something going on at LCB – it's a vibrant beehive that continually shifts and changes to accommodate each and every one of its members. We understand, however, that not everyone has the time to visit every day and keep up to speed with the latest events. That's why we decided to create a video report at the end of each month that covers all major LCB events and new that have transpired, so that you can be sure not to miss out on anything. 
Recapping Every Month 
You can find these video reports in the News section, however we will also notify you on the forums each time a new one is up. Choosing a video format, we wanted to give you a quick, easy to follow rundown of the latest LCB trends, without forcing you to read or browse through pages and pages of text. Each report is envisioned as a fast-paced summary of recent events, narrated by a soothing voice that appeals to every ear. Precise and down to the point, it is a perfect way to keep you informed without taking too much of your time. The feedback we received regarding this new feature has been great so far – the majority of you love it and we couldn't be happier about it. 
If you somehow missed a new casino launching, don't worry, we will let you know in the monthly report. The same goes for all new bonuses, exclusives, tournaments or contests that have been added or running at LCB. If we caught another rogue group, the article will be included in the report. Every new feature or change that we incorporate here at LCB will be included as well. Since it is not yet time for March recap, check out how we summarized and congested the last three eventful months into fun and vibrant videos to get a practical preview and see how you like it.
Don't forget to leave your feedback in this thread here. This is where you'll get the heads up when a new report goes live, and also a place to leave your thoughts. While there's no denying we enjoy making these, it is ultimately something we do for you- the member and for your convenience. All opinions are welcome – that's how we know we're on the right track! If you have a suggestion or think there is still room for improvement, don't hesitate to drop us a line. 

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