Kiva and PayPal partnership makes this world a better place

| By iGB Editorial Team

If you are a member on LCB, we are pretty much sure you have heard about Kiva, a non-profit organization established in 2005 in San Francisco, California. Its purpose is to help out people in need some remote parts of the world. Namely, they lend money to people who want to start up their own small businesses. There are no boundaries when charity and good will are in question. What sets them apart from other charity institutions is the simple wish to lend money to people in need, people who are striving to survive all around the globe no matter where they live and what color their skin is.


With more than a million lenders, 98% repayment rate, 84 different countries and 450 volunteers around the world, Kiva team ensures that 100% of every dollar you lend to their organization goes straight to the people whom you want to donate to, without them taking a cut. Kiva is striving to be a good example of generosity by encouraging people worldwide to help each other giving small donations in order to overcome poverty and social crisis.


You have probably heard of Indosole footwear. Did you know that its CEO, Karl Parson, long ago, used Kiva loan to set up his own shoe business and provide jobs for more than 40 people? His initial idea was to turn old rubber into shoe soles. Thanks to Kiva loan, he succeeded. However, his story is just one in the pool of other successful stories made possible by Kiva.


Kiva and PayPal established a very successful partnership 10 year ago. PayPal agreed to provide a free payment processing for Kiva lenders, there are no transaction fees to be charged. They insure that every dollar you lend goes to funding loans.


LCB wants to bring awareness to all of our members showing that even the slightest contribution can make this world a better place to live. Lending only $25 does not make much difference for you, however, it does make a huge difference for someone who desperately needs the money. Having that in mind, we added $25 Kiva voucher to our Shop. Furthermore, LCB encourages casinos to give the loan as well. Once they donate certain amount of money they automatically compete for the best place on our Most Charitable Casinos list. Please be informed that LCB team has 119 members with a track record of 291 loans and counting.


You can be the one who will change a person’s life forever. “Give and it will come back to you”. 

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