LCB Charity Efforts Commended by GAFFG 2016 Award

Latest Casino Bonuses has been actively contributing to charity since 2010, when we joined one of the world's most popular micro-lending networks called Kiva. Helping gamblers and creating a better gaming environment for them is something we do best, but we also seek ways to make the world a better place for everyone. There are people in need who are not so fortunate as we are, to give them a new chance in life is one of the reasons why we formed LCB Lending Team and started loaning with Kiva. The team now has 120 members and a track record of over 300 loans worth almost $8,000. Because of this Gaffg decided to give their vote to us, making LCB the proud bearer of the Charity Recognition Award for 2016. 
This is the sixth consecutive year that the Gaffg Awards event is taking place, with hundreds of affiliate managers and programs nominated or voting for the most trusted gaming companies. Up to five nominees are chosen in each of the three  categories: Trusted Affiliate Manager, Trusted Affiliate Programs and Charity Recognition Award. We are glad our efforts were not in vain, as confirmed by experienced voters who themselves have quality websites and recognitions in the industry. While we are always glad to be singled out for our achievements, there is a special kind of satisfaction and comfort in receiving this award. It means we are making a difference and creating opportunities for our fellow humans from all corners of the world. We chose the non-profit Kiva network because anyone can lend, borrow and repay loans effectively. 
There is a place in our team for any LCB member who wishes to join and make a valuable contribution to a noble cause. We also included Kiva gift voucher in the LCB Shop with the cost of a minimum single increment of $25. Let's extend a helping hand to those in need and make an impact together.

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