LCB Exclusives are Fun!

| By iGB Editorial Team
Members are valued at LCB – it has always been our motto and the end goal of our efforts. Gamblers worldwide often lament the apparent lack of appreciation that they as customers experience at online venues. Being just another number in a log file is difficult to accept, especially when gaming is your passion and a favorite hobby, and even more because it takes a good chunk out of your hard-earned cash to enjoy. Latest Casino Bonuses was born out of a desire to give a helping hand to fellow gamblers in a growing industry that still has plenty of loose ends untied. That is why we have incorporated different kinds of exclusive incentives – because we care, and to show how much we appreciate the unconditional support we've been getting throughout the past decade. 
To find out more about our exclusives, visit Members Only board where we keep a detailed record of every bonus, freeroll tournament or contest that is currently active or has been some time in the past. These special offers are brought to you either in collaboration with respectable online casinos and our partner sites, or they are solely the courtesy of the LCB team. One thing is for sure – the thread is never empty and never without at least a dozen excellent offers or deals to make use of. Some of these incentives are several years old and still active!
We recommend checking out a dedicated contest thread, where you can find both our own competitions as well as those hosted by various online casinos for our members. The prize pool we provide is usually around $250, an easy and hassle-free rewards that takes only a little of your time and efforts to be won. As for the partner casinos, the prizes differ greatly and may include anything from cash, free chips, free spins, special awards, gadgets or similar goodies, given away one time or on a weekly/monthly basis. How long the contests may last also depends on a particular casino and on the interest it generates among our members. 
Check out are latest contest for the month of January, symbolically named ''Tips for a Better 2017''. Players were expected to do exactly what the title says – post useful tips and advice on how to make the New Year better and improve our experiences, both in gaming and everyday life. It has been a fun adventure so far, with plenty of our members taking part, and is scheduled to expire at the end of the month. There is still time for those who wish to participate, hurry up and earn your fair share of a generous prize pool. Good luck!

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