LCB Hits the Luckiest Number: 88,888 Registered Members!

| By iGB Editorial Team

LCB is feeling very lucky today! Not only have we reached another milestone, but this one comes with a very peculiar number that the Chinese would die for. We have just had our 88,888th member to register an account on our boards lining up a set of five lucky 8s we like to think of as a sign of good times to come. Given how superstitions sometimes run amok the gaming community, we couldn't just chalk it up to simple coincidence. Everyone knows, or at least the Chinese do, that the 8 is the luckiest number of all, signifying good fortune, prosperity and wealth, and that's something we'd be crazy to refuse – five times as much!


Numbers were always important in China, where some are traditionally associated with good luck and others are considered bad omens. In this numerical system, number 8 is thought to be the luckiest due to its pronunciation – ''Ba'', which sounds similar to ''Fa'', a word used to express sudden fortune, prosperity, success or high social status. That's why it is customary in China to use this number for telephones, license plates, residences or any other convenient opportunity.


Due to it's shape, the 8 is also associated with balance, harmony and infinity – when split in the middle, the two halves compliment each other perfectly. It is no wonder then that we see double 8s all around, and especially in slots – 88 Fortunes is a very famous slot machine initially developed for the Asian market, and one of the most popular games ever which proved to indeed be very fortunate for many gamblers.


If we are to believe this numerical tradition and what No 8 indicates, LCB seems to be on the road to an even greater success and prosperity in the future. Whether true or not, being a bit superstitious never hurt anyone, and so we decided to embrace this as an omen of good fortune and impending accomplishments.That doesn't mean we will abandon hard work and determination to keep doing our best, because after all luck is ours to make.

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