LCB January Contest: Tips for a Better 2017

| By iGB Editorial Team
Monthly contests at LCB are a specialty that most members find hard to resist. These competitions are carefully thought out and planned – the prize pool is important, but what we want before all else is for players to have a good time while it lasts, instead of just waiting to grab the reward. The theme of the contest must appeal to the majority of our members and that is not always easy to accomplish. For the first contest of 2017, two weeks into the new year, we came up with the idea to give all members a chance to share their personal tips and tricks on how to make 2017 the best year yet. 
If you have a sound advice to share with the LCB community, visit this page to take part in the ''Tips for a Better 2017'' contest and submit your answers. Our resident administrator Lipstick is in charge of the contest and she will suggest a new subject every day. This could be anything from eggs to apples and everything in between, but we promise each of the daily subjects is going to be very interesting. On the first day, Lipstick suggested favorite diet/dieting tips/weight gain tips which attracted a lot of attention and elaborate answers were pouring in from all around. Most people can't help but stuff their faces with food over the holidays, so everyone had something to say on the subject. 
Every member submit one post per day, and win twice during the contest. In the event you do take a reward twice and continue posting answers, LCB will forfeit your prizes. Only one account per participating member is allowed for the duration of the contest. Winners will be selected via a random draw and announced shortly after the contest period expires – 14 prizes are up for grabs totaling to a $250 prize pool. Here is the prize breakdown:
  • 1 – $50
  • 1 – $40
  • 1 – $35
  • 1 – $30
  • 1 – $25
  • 1 – $20
  • 2 – 10
  • 6 – $5
The prizes will be awarded in LCB cash and can only be redeemed in the Shop to buy special items, free spins, bonus money and other treats. You don't have to spend it right away, instead you can wait until you accumulate more via activity on the site and get a larger sum for more expensive prizes. Currently, the most popular shop chips are free spins from Trada, Red Stag, Bitstarz and Raging Bull casinos. Us friendly offers are huge hits as well. 
Before taking part, make sure to read the rules carefully and avoid any potential issue that may arise during the contest. Don't waste any more time – come and have fun with us!

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