LCB Members Share Winning Stories!

| By iGB Editorial Team
When it comes to gambling, we are of the opinion that its ultimate purpose should be fun and that winning should come second. That doesn't mean, however, that we don't enjoy a few sparkling coins here and there. Beating casino games is not easy; it takes knowledge, skill and a lot of luck to emerge victorious in one of your gameplay sessions, but when you do actually win it is all the more satisfying. Such rare and special occasions deserve to be celebrated and we have just the place for all your bragging stories! Visit LCB's Biggest Weekly Casino Winners thread where our members have posted about countless big wins. At the end of each week, we choose the largest and most impressive to be crowned a winner. 
Most gamblers love to hear all the details of a good casino win – which game was so generous, how the wagering went and if there were any strategies used that pushed the odds in players' favor. You can find out all that and more browsing through the fun-filled pages of one of our most popular threads. What's more, we decided to interview our fortunate members and publish their personal accounts in the LCB News section. This week we had Lakandan and his wonderful story featured on the front pages, a hero member who's been with us for a long time, well-known across the board for his active posting. He was gracious enough to accept our invitation for a little chit-chat about his exciting win. 
What's interesting is the fact that Lakandan scored a total of $500 without depositing whatsoever! All his betting money came from a freeroll tourney win, and being a low roller he was more than happy about the amount. Here are a few interview bits where he talks about the fateful day:
“Started my Sunday night session at 3Dice with $175 but Moolah beat me really hard so sent $20 to my safe to be sure . . .and balance went to zero.” 
“Monday morning, played with my $20, no Moolah, but luck is elusive so when balance is down to $6, went to Moolah, and few spins into the game, kaboom, 4suns and a pig . . . .”
“All day Monday, nearly played my spins on Moolah, with balance going up and down . . . then another kaboom, x1449 hit on a 30 cent bet. Then about to call it a night but said to myself ” last 10 spins more” and boom . . . 5 keys . What a day it was :)”
LamLeo is another LCB winner who managed to hit a huge 19420 credits win by betting a minimum of 50 cents. Playing from his home in the Netherlands, he scored a win in a 14-spin bonus round on Lucky Dragons, a popular release by Pragmatic Play. Goes to show that even a conservative play-style can pay off big time. Another winning combo hit for him on Dead or Alive slot, when he won x1000 his bet and bought a brand new PC with the extra money. 
“I never thought I'll ever win this big on this game but I was wrong.”
None of us do, but there's always hope! 

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