LCB Research Page Is a Great Source for All Matters LCB

If you'd like to know more about the inner working of LCB, our humble beginnings and how we became who we are today, we highly recommend that you visit our Research page for in-depth answers to all these questions. This page can be an excellent source of information for both extant and new members who have just registered on the site. What's best about it is the fact that it's not dull looking or boring – we made sure to make it very fun and engaging by including press articles about LCB, interviews with our leading people behind the scenes, interactive content that we used in the past mostly for the purpose of contests and attractive infographics our design team has created.
We've collected a large number of articles and press releases dating back to the beginning of LCB, when we were just starting out in the industry and developing the site from scratch. It was quite an exciting time for us and you can find out more about it browsing through and reading these articles. Some of them deal with the subject of significant milestones, turning points and obstacles defeated on the road to success, while others go to brass tacks with the CEO Joshua Chan talking about what it takes to be the best in business and his winning formulas. A few of the interviews star Zuga, the co-CEO and Melanie Attwell, LCB's marketing manager – the most important individuals and team members responsible for our never-ending growth and evolution into something bigger and better. And lastly, you will find some articles in the form of case studies investigating our growth strategies, social networking and plans for the future. Taken together, all of these press releases give a comprehensive bundle of interesting information that paints a more complete picture about your favorite portal. It is a must read for all LCB fans.
In addition, here you will find three volumes of beautifully rendered infographics designed around the subject of blockbusters and movie-themed slots. Since players love these types of visual presentations, we thought it would be a good idea to put them all here on this page for a neat and easy navigation. We chose movie-themed slots because they seem most suitable for infographics due to advanced graphics, rich design, colors and because these movies are generally well-known to a vast majority of players and members.
The rest is made up of interactive content we used for our most popular contests hosted on social networks.''Dying On TV – What are the Odds of Characters dying in popular TV Shows'' and ''Dive in to the Dead Pool – Looking at Retro ways to meet your Maker, Circa 1901'' were especially well visited and gave out hosts of great prizes. The rules were quite simple and all that was needed from our members is to play a fun mini-game using the interactive images and post the answers to the forums or Facebook. Check these out to get the idea what kind of interesting contests we might organize in the future.

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