LCB Spooktacular Halloween contest – your chance to win $250

| By iGB Editorial Team

Slowly but surely Halloween is approaching, therefore we are trying to prepare something special for you, LCBers. Any contest can’t be successful without you, dear members. That’s why we appreciate your contribution and want you to make this contest thrilling and exciting for all of us.


The aim of this contest is to get together and make up a creepy frightening story. We want you to be as creative as possible and add your sentence to continue other people’s sentence. Every time you want to continue the story you have to copy and paste the whole text so that in the end we have the entire story finished. That’s how we’re going to see the progress of the story. Luckily, you can post a sentence as many times as you want during a day, however, you have to wait for another person to add their sentence after you and then you can add your own sentence. 


Have a look at the Prizepool! Looks amazing, doesn’t it? The $250 LCB Shop Cash Prize Pool with 14 Winners. Prizes are: $50, $40, $35, $30, $25, $20, two $10 winners and six $5 winners. You can win the prize twice and after that, you are no longer allowed to participate. If you are among 14 happy winners, you are more than welcome to spend your winnings in our Shop. As you already know a huge array of shop items are on offer. Lucky winners will be announced once the contest finishes, the end of October 2016.


The story begins like this: “When witches go riding on big old brooms, you know something is brewing in their pots of gloom! The winds howl erupts a scary fear as the full moon whispers Halloween, Halloween is almost here!”


There are too many reasons to participate and have fun with the rest of our members. Show that you are creative and share your story with us and you will be awarded for your effort. Make this contest special by your own contribution and innovation.

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