Let’s Have Fun at Work!

| By iGB Editorial Team
We assume most of our members remember the day when the LCB’s Belgrade office got a new member, a foosball table. It was a great day for all of us and we were over the moon when it entered our Entertainment Room. We even made an exclusive article about that.  How many people have the benefit of breaking their work routine and have fun at their offices? Not too many! We are lucky and have that privilege to work for a company such as LCB. 
Since we spend most of our time in the office, we want to make it a cozy place where we can take our minds off our jobs and do different kinds of fun activities. The happier we are at work, the more productive we will be. That’s why we have one special Entertainment Room for chilling out. We came up with an amazing idea to split into small teams and see who the best foosball team in the office is. Belgrade office currently numbers 14 people and we hope this number will be growing. We are looking forward to more and more foosball teams in the future. As soon as the match starts, the room is suddenly filled with laughter, shouting, cheering and tons of positive energy. Therefore, we go to our office with a smile on our faces and we leave the office exactly in the same mood. Isn’t it great?!
Let’s have a look what’s up in a busy Belgrade headquarters these days. Namely, we had one wall in the Entertainment Room painted with watercolors. Our idea was to show LCB logo, our objectives, goals and aspirations on this wall painting. Now we have an excuse to spend more time in this room!  Shhhh! Don’t tell our bosses. 
See how it all looks like! 
As you can see LCB is like a bright sun shining over the world. That’s exactly what we are! We’ve already left our comments. Tell us what you think of it and be our guest in the comment area
With the wall done, we also did a photo shoot. Once we got the pics ready, you’ll have the opportunity to see how awesome our LCB happy family looks. We also showed how good we are at throwing darts and playing foosball. The party was thrown the same night. We had lots to celebrate. 

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