Let’s spend some free chips in the LCB Shop


You probably hear for the LCB Shop, an awesome place where you can make a purchase. Our members like it very much. What we value the most is our members’ opinion. Therefore, we encourage them to share with us their thoughts, concerns, experience and any kind of feedback. As a sign of our appreciation we reward them with free chips.  We are aware that members’ engagement strengthens our community so this is a way to say thank you. Their contribution is one of the major reasons for LCB’s progress and growth. Here’s the evidence: we have more than 80.000 people registered on our forum.


How can you earn your chips? Every 24 hours you log in to LCB you are credited 20 cents, when you leave your comments, forum posts, ratings you will be credited automatically. The longer you are our member the more free chips you will get. Depending on your membership status, your each chip will be multiplied by a predetermined number. We strongly recommend all our newbies to read our Terms & Conds before start collecting LCB chips. That’s the best way to get familiar with the rules stated there. Once you collect enough chips you are automatically eligible to spend them in our Shop.


How are we making this happen? We strive to offer the best promotions out there and provide our members with the most attractive and valuable offers. If you want ‘to go shopping’ the first thing you have to do is to choose a place where you want to spin the reel. Various casinos are listed there, each with its special free spins or no deposit offer. Cash items such as Neteller, PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin wallets are also available there. If you are our great fan and want to have an LCB mug or a T-shirt, you have a chance to purchase them there (shipping is free of charge!). Besides purchasing free spins and cash items, you can also buy Amazon and KIVA vouchers.


How can I make a purchase? It’s very simple. Once you click on the ‘Buy it now’ button you will be provided with the thorough explanation on how to claim a certain item, what the bonus amount is, available slot games, what the requirements for this item are, how long the promo is valid and other useful things. Isn’t it fantastic?!


Don’t hesitate! There are lots of good reasons to become our member, get credited for your contribution and start collecting your chips. Be our guest in our comment area, share your thoughts with us on the forum, rate your favorite games and casinos and start your adventure in the LCB Shop. You can benefit a lot by being our member.

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