Makeover for BJ21: Elevate Your Blackjack Experience

One of the newest additions to the LCB Network, blackjack-oriented portal BJ21 has undergone a major redesign. We're pleased to say the site is now looking and performing better than ever, meeting customer expectations on all levels of service. If it was a popular blackjack source before, now it's the ultimate destination offering valuable gambling knowledge that will turn even the most hopeless newbie into a skilled master of cards. 
The secret recipe followed by the design and development team was a clever concoction of ingredients mixed with just the right ratios to ensure a foolproof outcome – make it clean, intuitive and simple, sprinkle with a bit of color and wrap it up into vintage coating reminiscent of the good old Wild West. There's just some organic connection between the era and card games that we wanted to use to give the site a thrilling, edgy finish. Of course, it isn't just the outer shell that was redesigned. The inner workings, invaluable data and information are polished and the layout executed in a way that will give you a smooth, fruitful experience. Learning is easy and fun with BJ21! Not to forget seasoned gamblers, the site welcomes all levels of skill. You can also share your personal experiences, ask questions and chit chat with other players.
Divided into six main categories, the portal offers engaging content in each section with the key objective to provide an in-depth look into the crucial aspects of blackjack. Besides the fundamentals of this popular table game variant, you will also get the answers to some of the most popular questions and issues, as well as some interesting studies, theory-crafting and expert opinions. Let's see how it all fits together:
Advantage Play – To use certain favorable circumstances to their advantage is what most players aim to do. It's not easy however, to recognize which situations, offers or circumstances might be good to take advantage of. That's where you'll need help from experienced advantage players – expert tips and tricks will get your game to a whole new level. 
Blackjack – The title says it all: anything and everything about blackjack, perfect for those just starting out. Consult this section before jumping into the arena.
Card Counting – We know what you're thinking, but counting cards is not illegal. Casinos don't like to see players doing it though, and will most likely ask them to leave the table. But if you know how and can pull it off slick enough, well the sky is the limit. 
Bankroll –  This is the financial tab and contains information on how to secure and manage your transactions. Maintaining a bankroll at the tables can be challenging, but consulting publications in this section will give you a necessary basis to start developing your own tactics.
Casino Employees – Everyone wants to know more about casino staff, especially the dealers. Do you often wonder about their work and how trustworthy they are? Worry not, everything you need to know is here.
Further Study – We heartily recommend this part of the site, in our humble opinion it includes the most interesting pieces on blackjack in the whole web, some of it entirely unique and not found anywhere else.
BJ21 is made to be a reliable, educational and up-to-date library of blackjack-related information. We hope you'll find it useful in your gambling adventures. 

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