MGM Studios Joins ICE London 2020


In response to the industry’s increased investment in hospitality, ICE London launches the Hospitality Technology conference at ICE London 2020, to be opened with a compelling presentation from MGM’s EVP of global consumer products & experiences, Robert Marick.  The session, titled Gaming Reinvented: Next Generation Guide to an Entertaining Gaming Experience, will be discussing how storytelling and experiential entertainment can reinvent gambling’s relationship with next-gen consumers.

Revenue diversification in Vegas has long been shifting towards non-gaming and hospitality, seeing casino revenue drop as low at 27% in some properties in recent years in favour of other offerings. With this has come a surge of innovation in hospitality, entertainment and a consensus that return on experience is what now drives customer retention in Integrated Resorts, with the rest of the US and other jurisdictions following suit.

Bringing together the drivers for consumers to spend more on their experiences and understand how they now connect with brands through entertainment, Marick will explore how, when IRs transition from being gambling-centric to entertainment-centric, new audiences and connections will fuel greater customer engagement through utilising brand licenses into new destinations, single attractions, live events, retail, dining and hospitality.

“I’m thrilled to join ICE London’s first ever hospitality conference and look forward to exploring the immense potential that exists for the gaming, hospitality and entertainment industries to collaborate in today’s dynamic marketplace,” said Marick.

At MGM, Marick is responsible for overseeing the expansion of the studio’s licensed merchandise, interactive games, licensed media & advertising and location based entertainment business for the studio’s current and legacy franchises, which includes The Addams Family, James Bond, Stargate, Vikings and Pink Panther, among many others.

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