New Features for Affiliates @ Gambling-Affiliation


Last Friday, Gambling Affiliation have released 3 great new features for their affiliate accounts for odds comparator.


1/ The odds comparator is now available not only for the French sportsbook campaigns but also for the UK and Italian sportsbook campaigns.

2/ They have also added the following two competitions:

 – The Euro 2016 Football Competition and

 – The Champion's League competition which final is this Saturday

3/ Affiliates will now see an improved way the comparator looks on the mobile phone when there is no event for the selected competition.  There is now a tab showing with all the bookmakers and their bonus offer so affiliates will take every advantage to convert traffic.



Odds comparator using the French sportsbook campaigns:

Odds comparator using the UK sportsbook campaigns:

Odds comparator using the Italian sportsbook campaigns:

In the near future, Gambling-Affiliation are planning to add more sports such as rugby, basketball and tennis and more competitions including all national championships, all national cups and all major European cups.

Gambling Affiliation will also be releasing very soon the possibility for affiliates to graphically customize their odds comparator on their account such as background colour, text colour, text personalisation etc so it can perfectly fit the design of the website.

In order to use this useful functionality, affiliates should log into their account in the “resources” tab and click on the “Odds Comparator Widget” section. The site has to be accepted for the sportsbook campaigns that the affiliates would like to display in the comparator.

For any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact Gambling Affiliation on


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