OCCO Games’ Tennessee Hold ‘Em tournaments

| By Josephine Watson

There’s a new Wild West Poker game in town, where you capture outlaws to win bounty,  as you climb the world leaderboards. If you are attending ICE, we invite you to take art. Eight top winners will qualify for the Tennessee Hold ‘Em ICE Skill Poker Challenge Final, and entry is free. The application can be downloaded on the Mac App store, Google PLAY, Facebook and TBC on the App store – yse your ICE Contact email & mobile to login.

The top three players will win a selection of prizes. 

The competition starts at midnight on the 25th of January and ends at 12PM, 6 Feb at ICE. The final will take place on the same day between 16:00-17:00.

OCCO games has stated the following game mechanics and unique selling points as core to the product:

•  Less Folding: On average, 75% of Players fold after seeing their Hole Cards in Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments.  In Tennessee Hold ‘Em Tournaments, 75% of players stay in until the third round of betting.

•  More players make the showdown: with higher average ranking hands than Texas Hold ‘Em, you get more competitive showdowns.

•  Bluffing: Players with weak hands can deceive opponents with strong discarding or no discarding. Discards may reveal crucial information. 

•  Strategic thinking: If you’re dealt 4 of a kind in Omaha, you have to discard 2 cards! This is not a worry in Tennessee Hold ‘Em, where players decide how many hole cards to keep. Men overboard is called and the dealer reveals all discards. 

• Advanced pro game vVariations: In a five hole card Riverboat 223 Tournament, up to 16 discards are revealed.  With every card turned, winning odds alter.  Players must quickly analyse “Men Overboard” to determine their opponents’ hand strength, and changing odds. 

• Tournament Structure :
⁃ Blinds double every 6th hand, ensuring continual tournament progression.
⁃ No side pots: Players who go “all-in” can complete that hand by buying enough chips to cover all bets and raises.
⁃ Players who go “into the red” and win the hand live to fight on in that tournament.
⁃ Exciting tournament finales.

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