Online Casino Reports Branching Out with New Blog and Social Channels

| By iGB Editorial Team

There have been a couple of exciting developments at Online Casino Reports (OCR) – the definitive resource for all news, reviews, and guides related to the online gambling industry. To provide even more depth to readers, OCR has launched a new blog and social channels to make the entire experience even more interactive in 2016 and beyond.

Blog Content

OCR is already an all-encompassing source of online gambling news, and where the blog will benefit readers is by going further than our existing stories. Moving forward, this will give OCR the freedom to write more thoughtful and explorative pieces. The blog will also give OCR a platform to share fun and playful articles.

One of the latest pieces covers the dos and don’ts associated with gambling superstitions, touching upon basics like backing lucky number seven and avoiding 13. Other examples include lucky horseshoes and blowing on dice, while not washing hands during a winning streak is a definite no-no – discover all of them here. Previously, the blog has touched upon TV shows such as Game of Thrones and an array of informative guides to help readers.

Social Interaction

Interactivity is a major building block in the entire OCR experience. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to launch new social channels across major platforms in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Readers can now find each of OCR’s profiles here. Simply click on to be links to visit the corresponding profile.

The driving force behind creating the social profiles has been for OCR to create stronger connections with readers, players, brands, and affiliates. Fundamentally, OCR wants to start new conversations and encourage people to share their insights and perspectives.

OCR will continue to deliver better and better content in 2016, and the new blog and social channels are integral to this making this happen.

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