Online Casino Reports Expanding Globally in 2016


Online Casino Reports (OCR) has been committed to providing global coverage of the online gaming industry since establishing a media presence in 1997. Gaming enthusiasts from throughout world can access sites covering more than 65 locales, with more than 35 languages covered. OCR is planning to launch several new websites in 2016.

Moldova, Nigeria, and Uruguay are the latest to receive brand new sites designed to focus on their nations. OCR intends to build on those three recent launches by rolling out other new sites in 2016. Any country that receives a new OCR site can expect the same elite level of service.

Each OCR site is designed to provide readers with a handpicked selection of the industry’s best offers. These can be determined by deposit value, quantity, and wagering requirements. That same level of detail can be found in the reviews, which are designed to provide clear insights of what readers can expect from a site.

OCR’s information-driven approach also extends to provide coverage of the industry’s biggest and most relevant news stories. Readers can also develop their knowledge by taking the time to learn about unfamiliar topics with one of OCR’s many informative guides. Look out for more OCR sites launching in 2016.

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