Sportradar’s ad:s launches programmatic ad offering

| By Josephine Watson

Sportradar, the provider of sports data and content, today announced the launch of its programmatic ad solution. The offering comes from ad:s – Sportradar’s full-service, data-driven marketing solution for sports betting operators.

As a betting services provider, Sportradar has built a global business founded on fast, reliable and insightful data. Complementing the range of sports betting services it already provides to the industry, it has now developed its own data and technology-driven marketing platform that applies that same deep, analytical expertise to media investments, focused very firmly on eliminating waste and increasing returns.

With the sports betting landscape ever more competitive, efficient customer acquisition and retention is now the central question for running a successful sportsbook. ad:s is uniquely positioned to address this challenge, based on five key reasons:

• A Unique Understanding of Betting Consumers – Sportradar has access to betting data sources that allows it to derive valuable insights about betting consumers and their interests and behaviours

• Sector-specific DMP – ad:s provides operators with access to 50 million+ user profiles (and growing), captured in its betting dedicated data management platform (DMP), so you know who to target and how to target them

• Custom-Built Marketing Technology – ad:s is built on proprietary DSP and DCO technology focused purely on betting; constantly refining itself to improve targeting and eliminate waste

• Best-In-Class Content Products – ad:s gives operators the messaging edge,  via engaging content products, optimized with dynamic creative and contextual relevance

• Access to the Widest Range and Highest Quality of Media Owners – ad:s gives access to an unmatched breadth and quality of digital media owners: publishers, federations, clubs, affiliates, content platforms, and SSPs, so you know you’re reaching the right audiences with your marketing messages
ad:s supports these benefits with flexible ways of working, from self-service to fully-managed services, complete cost transparency and full IAB ratification and compliance.

“Our programmatic offering is underpinned by Sportradar’s unparalleled knowledge of sports bettors, its rich quality of consumer insights, proprietary custom-built marketing technology, the best content products and deep industry relationships established over a longstanding history as a top sports data company,” said Felix Geyr, MD, Sports Media at Sportradar. “With this distinct combination of benefits, our programmatic offering is set to be the most efficient and transparent solution in the market-place.”

ad:s’ programmatic solution launched in beta earlier this year, and since then, several operators have implemented it to reduce waste and improve targeting capabilities. One of those operators is Malta-based Interwetten.

“We work in a very competitive business that requires a constant stream of effective marketing and advertising to remain top of mind with consumers” said Dominik Beier, speaker of the board of Interwetten. “As an operator, it’s paramount that we’re maximizing the efficiency of our marketing investments and adapting our communication channels to state of the art technologies which the market offers us. Working with ad:s’ programmatic solution, we know we have one of the industry’s best products, backed by rich data and insights, to acquire and retain customers with the utmost efficiency.”

ad:s’ programmatic offering is part of its larger set of marketing services, which includes sponsorship consulting, SEO and SEA marketing, UI/UX consulting, digital traffic networks, pop-under ad networks, ad products and affiliate marketing. The ad:s offering and its various components continue to evolve to address the pressing marketing needs of sports betting operators across the globe.

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