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The e-gaming platform Tain have recently undergone a rebrand. Their fresh new identity and communications platform is an evolution of the current brand which has been operating since 2001.


As a B2B e-gaming platform provider Tain occupy a relatively unique position in the market. Based in Sweden and Malta, they offer a full suite of e-gaming products across all verticals. What’s more they can provide an entire e-gaming solution to their clients, or individual products.


Says the company CEO. “Tain has a high level of professional integrity and we wanted the rebrand to encourage consumers to take a new look at the company and what it stands for.”


Tain is rooted in Scandinavian values, and is justifiably proud of its integrity. They have a reputation as being dedicated to their customers’ businesses, and being flexible enough to

respond to issues as and when they occur. Their platforms are robust and as many of their users note. “Everything just runs smoothly in the background, which is exactly what you need.”


The new brand identity has been devised to reflect this integrity and professionalism.


From the website, to the advertising collateral Tain uses red as its lead brand colour, with copy printed white out. It’s a bold and confident statement that reflects the company’s values.


As their guidelines state: “Tain are a solution for forward-thinking operators. Capable, experienced and trustworthy, we offer e-gaming platforms, and the widest selection of tailored online gambling software available.”


One of their key differentiators as a company is that Tain is completely focussed on their clients – helping them to fulfil their vision and goals.


This is the idea behind their positioning as Platform Partners. More than just a team that working in the background, Tain are a company that actively work with their clients to help them achieve the best possible result for their site. This is why they have an inclusive approach to the way they work, and it’s also why they take a more personal interest in the smooth running of their sites, finding practical solutions to create secure backgrounds for their clients’ offerings.


It’s a pragmatic approach. But they are also open and approachable, something which the company point out is down to their Scandinavian heritage.


But a rebrand in one thing. What we wanted to know was how well this all stacked up against the reality. Very well as it turns out.


Tain already have what is considered to be unrivalled experience in the sector. They’ve been operating since the birth of internet gambling and have years of expertise with top e-gaming companies.


They have a wide product offering too, with an independent model that offers a comprehensive choice of online gambling solutions. And, operating in licenced jurisdictions around the world, they have global reach. Perhaps most importantly they offer proven and tailored solutions and 150 different payments worldwide.


With a history of working in the background for their partners, Tain’s reputation precedes it. This new rebrand brings their public image up to date with the reality.  

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