Tennessee Hold ‘Em tournaments

| By Josephine Watson

OCCO Games is pleased to present a Tenessee Hold 'Em challenge, which will be taking place at ICE 2019.

Tennessee Hold ‘Em – now has improved game mechanics, says OCCO Games in a recent press release, meaning less instant folding, fast betting action and greater engagement. The challenging, strategic play, with more dynamic showdowns and innovative betting and blinds structure, aims to ensure exciting tournament finales. 

To enter, use your ICE contact email & mobile to login. The first prize will be an Apple iPhone X, second is Apple Air Pods and third is Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

The application can be downloaded on Google Play, the App Store or Facebook, and players can buy chips and win bonuses to boost their bankroll. The top eight winners qualify for the final, which is a best of three matches. Beginning at midnight on 25 January and ending at 12PM on 6 February, the final will be hosted on-site at 4PM on 6 February.Tennessee Hold ‘Em tournaments

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