The personal touch for the European player

| By Josephine Watson

Data harnessing and assimilation is one of the key elements to provide players with a unique and tailored user experience, mitigate churn risks, and be in a position to retain your existing fold of players especially in the saturated European market. This is what BtoBet discusses in its latest Industry Report “The Personal Touch for The European Player”, as the leading iGaming technology provider analyses the increasing challenges that operators are facing to compete and succeed in this highly competitive industry.

The Report states that due to the current state of the European market and the costly nature of player acquisition, operators have been shifting their focus more and more on retaining their current fold of players, with retention having evolved into a specialised approach that includes segmentation, automation and most importantly personalisation.

The company states that operators ought to have at their disposal the required technological tools to provide their players with a truly customisable user experience that increases their engagement, maximises the overall player lifecycle, whilst decreasing the churn rate, thus resulting in the increase of long-term players.

Amongst other aspects the Industry Report analyses that to be in a position to offer a customisable user experience on a micro-level, operators need to have at their disposal: a strong product that is able to adapt to their customers’ needs, also from a geo-localisation perspective thus allowing for adjustments on an individual basis; a true understanding of the whole customer lifecycle to manage their gameplay responsibly; and a fast and simple user interface that can really adapt to the user’s intent, resulting in a focalised, simplified and harmonised access to his preferred content from the myriad of offerings available at any given moment.

Download “The Personal Touch for The European Player” to get a better insight how you could make better use of the data generated from customer activity, and put the player at the heart of the whole UX process. BtoBet will be attending the iGB Live! event that will take place in Amsterdam from the 16-19 July. Operators who would like to assess how they can further tailor their players’ betting experience can schedule a meeting with our team of experts by sending an email on

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