Legal & compliance approved for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service by UKGC

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has approved as an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service. A spokesperson for stated:

“We have been successfully managing player and casino disputes for over three years and our tally of complaints managed is now nearing 500. We are extremely proud of the fact that the UKGC has recognised the value of the service we provide and the integrity of our team. We look forward to working closely with the UKGC to continue mediating and acting as a conduit between players and operators.” is one of the first affiliate sector organisations to be granted ADR status by the UKGC and the individual responsible for managing the complaints side of ThePOGG has recently attained mediation and arbitration qualifications from The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, further adding to the quality of service ThePOGG can provide. Notably the ADR service provided by differs markedly from the services provided by all of the other ADR service operators in that there is absolutely no charge for utilising the experience the team at ThePOGG has. No ADR charges players for use of their service but ThePOGG is unique in providing a cost free service to operators wishing to call upon its team’s 10 years of experience in the online gambling industry. The ethos behind ThePOGG is to provide the best possible support service to those requiring dispute resolutions and to ensure that cost is not prohibitive – hence why the service is free to all.

About the Gambling Commission Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

With the introduction of the UKGC gambling license, it became a requirement for all licensed operators to provide players with and ADR service that they could direct complaints to if the player was unsatisfied with the operator’s response. This is to help ensure that a body independent of both parties involved in the dispute is available to review the situation and ensure that players are treated fairly. The introduction of this legislation has led to a number of subscription based ADR services, including the likes of IBAS, becoming widely used by the online gambling sector. is the first ADR provider to operate outside this subscription based model.

You can find out more about the UKGC’s ADR requirements at the following website:

About The POGG

The POGG was launched in 2012 with the objective of providing up to date quality information to players regarding the best online casino operators in the industry. ThePOGG was built on a unique vision in that placement on the site cannot be purchased by operators. All reviews are candid and all operators considered equal going into the review process and therefore players can trust in the knowledge that ThePOGG’s reviews are completely non-biased and independent.

Alongside their widely respected dispute mediation service ThePOGG’s team regularly liaise with various regulatory bodies, assisting with the management of international player complaints, offer a unique casino general and bonus terms and conditions monitoring service, are the only affiliate site to guarantee their players deposits at their sealed operators with their own money and offer unique tools and information for both players and affiliates in the form of POGGStrategies and POGGWebmasters.

ThePOGG’s reputation for honesty and integrity is now established and adding the ADR service to their repertoire firmly underlines their growing importance in the affiliate side of the online gambling sector.