Twist and Vulkan Slots have been providing pirated games and false Licensing Information

| By iGB Editorial Team

LCB team did their best again and after some digging they found out that two sister casinos Twist and Vulkan Casino have been passing off fake games from an eminent software provider Novomatic. Both Russian casinos are owned and operated by Twist Services Limited and they both accept US players. After some research and testing we did discover what’s hiding behind. Fortunately, the games did not resemble the genuine ones so that it was not hard to spot the difference. Vulkan Casino had the worst copies of the games. Once you have a closer look you can spot the differences in fonts, menu options, buttons, loading screens, launcher even help button. When it comes to source code investigation, it can be easily spotted that the pirated games are hosted on this domain: When Vulkan Casino was launched, it was initially claimed to be regulated and licensed by EveryMatrix. However, that was not the truth. As soon as we noticed that they are not on the client list of EveryMatrix (, we approached them trying to find out the truth but unfortunately all our questions would fall on deaf ears. We got no response from them. However, they conveniently removed the information from their website. Isn’t that weird?!


Once the truth was revealed we added these casinos to our warning list straight away. We were shocked when we found out and could not believe how unethical and horrible practices they use in order to make money and cheat thousands of people who registered the accounts with them. If they do not have a license and a genuine software provider, all players are at risk to be cheated and fooled. Obviously, the aim of both casinos was to rip off players and earn huge amounts of money cheating them. It is unbelievable!


LCB did an amazing job discovering misdeeds and disclosing the real facts regarding these two casinos. We strongly advise all our members to avoid them and choose some of the credited ones from our lists. We are always striving to warn our members by spotting the irregularities and letting them know before the damage has been done. We are very happy that we can warn and provide players with the power of knowledge.

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